Fake Reviews

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We have a zero tolerance policy against fake reviews. Confidence is crucial to us and we cannot under any circumstances accept fake reviews. This includes reviews that are not an expression of a genuine experience, for example because they are created by or on behalf of the business.

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Fake reviews are common

Fake reviews are an issue on many complaint and review websites. As a trader or investor, your best bet is to learn to spot fake reviews while paying special attention to bad reviews. To spot fake reviews look for:

  • Multiple reviews with similar grammar or syntax
  • Reviews with poor grammar or spelling
  • Non-specific reviews that sound too general or are too short
  • Many reviews generated suddenly instead of built slowly over time
  • Not enough negative reviews … if there are good reviews, there should be at least some bad ones since all business have at least a few not satisfied customers

A lot of fake reviews should be seen as a warning signal against a business.

If you do spot fake positive reviews, it becomes particularly important to read the business’s bad reviews to get a sense of a worst case scenarios. Look for patterns in bad reviews and ask yourself if you can live with that outcome.

While you’re browsing the bad reviews, pay close attention to the company’s responses. If they are prompt, professional and propose reasonable resolutions, it makes it a lot easier to live with some of the negative outcomes that might surface in the bad reviews. But if the business is rude, defensive, unhelpful, copying and pasting canned responses, or doesn’t respond at all, it should be a warning signal that tells you: “If something goes wrong, you’re on your own.”

If you’re not sure about a business, message other community reviewers

Either by sending individual private messages to reviewers or posting in the activity wall, you can verify the experiences of past traders or investors and ask specific questions.